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We are posting selections daily on home page at different hours ,with 30-10 min before the start hour or even LIVE IN> TIPS for some matches that have potential , after we finish the analysis .As we can post Tips in 2/3 steps per day ,our followers should check the website periodical many times during the day for possible new intraday tips and updates UNTIL WE INCORPORATE PUSH NOTIFIER so as you bookmark the home page wwww.thesoccertipss.com you will receive notification on your phone or browser every time one match is posted . Also you can make your own selections from the matches analyzed in the prediction area WE RECOMMEND TO READ ALL THE STRATEGY CONCEPTS BELOW, BEFORE YOU START USING ANY INFORMATION provided here ,so you will not jump in conclusion and you assume you already know everything about betting , one step is only a part of a whole . Every football match is a potential 90` min TRADE based on the information presented here and understandings of Football Trading Strategy -techniques execution . NOBODY IN THE WORLD WILL GUARANTEE YOU 100% WINING TIPS and 90 minutes comfort , IS THE NUMBER OF UNITS (opportunities small steps / attempts the ,,BULLETS available ,, ) that form THE STRATEGY GIVE YOU The ADVANTAGE OVER THE BOOKMAKERS the mode you divide your capital and adapt your stake per event with a well defined expected value of profits , when you step in or stay neutral. Many of you know all this natural but few are aware or using them as technical advantage in the mode you behave/invest in a strategy . Without a well-defined STRATEGY you are ,,a gambler fool ,,

Simple Basic Strategy - using our selections or predictions

WE recommend our followers to pick matches from the selected predictions in a single bet or doubles strategy and maximum 3/5 events on multibet or accumulators doubles ,trebles , NOT ALL THE MATCHES ,the MATCHES SELECTED here stand as individual statistique potential predictions ,not a multibet TICKET/ accumulator , pick only the matches you feel comfortable and reach the same conclusion with us .Don`t receive or accept them as AUTOMATIC prediction unless you put some of your own conscient thought. USE OUR informational MATERIAL as a prime base from were you make your own next-conscient decision-to select/confirm your matches , to be used in any kind of strategy, thinking forward giving you the unic position with a fresh mind to select and obtain better results forming your own strategy style. Thinking in this mode will occasionally save you from the days when we can be totally wrong because we are making this everyday mechanical and it can turn against us periodically like a ,,temporary lack of consciousness ,, effect that occurs in any mechanical routine activity of the modern world.

Mentality Awareness Status

EVOLUTION is done first at a MENTAL LEVEL defined by our own perception and approach of the football matches, understanding that the outcome of one day or event is just one small part of the whole STRATEGY, formed by many steps as value matches opportunities. ACCEPT to loose UNDERSTAND THAT THE STRATEGY attempts are on your side as the number opportunities chances or units you divide your investment capital ( 27 ,50 , 90 ,100 ) THERE IS NO Football TIPSTER IN The WORLD TO GURRANTEE you 100% positive RESULT OF ONE MATCH AS SURE BET (for you to ,, gamble ,,like a fool all your money and get rich over night this is naive game ,,) is the number of attempts in the strategy that guarantees profit per week , month or year and safe environment or capital protection . EVERY SYSTEM CREATED BY MAN IS ALWAYS OVERCOME in many ways , Mathematical probabilities formulas , Mental Ability to select and feel the best matches in day or stay neutral ,and of course very advance systems that beat the house 80% to 100 % win every time ,practically BEAT THE BOOKMAKERS in their own system. What brings balance everyday..? confidence in your actions..? Equilibrium between ,,greed / focus / patience / speed /adaptability / opportunity,, CERTITUDE IN YOURSELF AND AWARENESS OFF ALL CONCEPTS at once in one second EVERYDAY EVERYTIME

Option status for low potential days

There are days when the matches sucks and is better to stay neutral use very low stakes , don`t bet , do nothing just observe them , do something else . Sometimes some of the matches in day with the best statistique potential on the favorite team will probable not deliver the expected result for the majority , because to much greed-energy collective Consciousness aspectancy focused and forced on the favorite team will responde with the oposite reaction as a natural Universal law of resonance for energy equilibrium response in diverse informational energy environments observed as random natural statistique probability. Very important aspect as both teams have 11 players on field ...everything is possible and there are no surprises only in the naive minds . There are ,,good periods and bad periods ,, for investing every field of reality evolves in waves as natural It is essential that you select the events you want to invest very close to start time of the games ,this is way we like to post our matches 30 / 10 min before the start time THE ONLY WAY TO OVERCOME this SCENARIOS is TO MAKE RANDOM BREAKS AFTER 2/3/4 DAYS OF good PROFITS or limit our involvement in this periods using low stakes less matches 1/2 . BEING AWARE OF THIS is a potential ADVANTAGE .

Mentality Daily Status

We adapt everyday to the market potential and we invest only in events that can evolve in our favor on value odds Everyday has a predictability potential Very important because to much aspectation in a low potential day can have a negative effect on your equilibrium and positive mentality. Our mind qualifies our decision to invest when the market gives us the opportunity of a value tips not when we want it just because we like to gamble or we want to get rich over night in that moment . . . absorb this mentality in your mind like a prime concept and you will be very powerfull every day. IF WE RESPECT ALL THE CONCEPTS THAT WE PRESENT HERE THERE IS THE POSSIBILITY TO MAKE PROFIT EVERY MONTH. EVERY DECISION WE MAKE OUTSIDE A FOCUSED MIND AND CONSCIOUS THOUGHT - ANY BET WE ADVENTURE TO MAKE guided by GREED outside our well defined strategy ,on a long time period will inevitable accumulate at the end of the DAY/WEEK/MONTH as material real losses then of course you will recognize them as ,,mistakes,, small wrong steps , but as compesation only by experiencing this SCENARIO many many times you will learn - EVOLVE and reconfigure your behavior. ( for those of you ho are still confuse about the concepts shared here and still asking them self if their own mental ability can make a difference here or as naive ones expecting to find a simple rational/logic>magical formula to make their betting experience comfortable everytime . IN THIS FIELD PROFIT IS MADE WITH HARD WORK AT MENTAL LEVEL and investing OUR OWN ENERGY / TIME / RESOURCES - Maintaining a chemical balance equilibrium in our private life reservation from distractions psychoactive substances that altered your lucidity perception-potential long time after you consciously perceive and preservation of energy for very long time run) IMPORTANT- WE GENERALLY PREFER TO SELECT AVERAGE MEDIUM ODDS BETWEEN - 1.50 / 3.60 but there are days when the odds of the good matches in day are pushed low by the bookmakers to adjust their losses and of course all the people all of us ho bet on them specially on the same favorites.

STAY CONNECTED - For possible new tips updates

We are posting the best selections daily on home page at different hours of the day aleatory, after we finish the analysis .We can post a match every hour for example this is way our followers should chek the website periodical for possible new intraday tips and updates.


Content will be added soon

Football TRADER Strategy

Content will be added soon Every football match that we select here has the potential to become a TRADE even if the prediction is not corect as final result ...

Content Update Status

ALL DATA from the old website will be updated here and the full tips historic gradually in the next period , thanks for understanding


WE have a value tips when one or two events gives us the possibility to win more than we can lose on sigles bet minimum 2,00 and 1,50 on double chance on accumulators, thesoccertipss.com defines a value tips also when two events or three on the same bet gives us the possibility to win more than we can lose , double / treble odds will be minimum 2,50 . So apply this value tips concept every time before you take the decision to invest your money in every bet on a long time period , you will beat the house this is your purpose , but if you accept to put your money at work on nonvalue​ odds you accept you are naive ,,investor ,, and remember that world top bookmakers want more naive participants as possible​ and the reality is that always will be more naive investors in this game .

Content Description

Thesoccertipss.com professional Toptipster TEAM will share powerfull strategy , mentality , staticbetting system , trading odds strategy , live betting systems, FREE tips plus all the secrets very very powerfull information never seen before ​on the internet ,GET READY...

Mentality Concepts

The essence of this section is to develop your mental potential give you the mentality the tools and everything you need to form your own strategy , reach the professional level in the comfort zone where you can make constant profit every month ,for every normal person that can absorb the powerful educational concepts of mentality , technique and money strategy present here . The gradual cultivation of this mental condition formation will reflect benefic effect in all aspects of one life.


One more important aspect in this world of betting is the status of our mentality in everyday scenarios ,we need to accept to lose and to be comfortable losing one or more bets it is normal because if we are emotional attached to our bets we lose our positive energy and mental equilibrium for the next opportunities. So we need to maintaining a neutral status of FOR ANY Potential SCENARIO for all our bets everyday This is the KEY to success​ per a long time period your Neutral State and your MENTAL Abilities to conserve your energy. The optimal functionality of this website is sustained with HARD WORK ,TIME , ENERGY AND MENTAL RESOURCES INVESTED EVERYDAY . Thanks for your interaction.
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