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Football EXPERT - Thesoccertipss.com Group has 18 years experience in this world of football betting and bookmakers value . We are constantly analysing all the world bookmakers with real live accounts running to test them as odds , quality services , measuring everything and estimate a quality coefficient for every bookmaker also make them a characterisation , very deep inside info and unveil everything about them every bug in their system.This process is in continuum evolution so their position on our chart will change constantly. UNVEIL THE REAL ASPECTS TRUTH ABOUT THEIR BONUSES because there is HUGE DIFFERENCE IN WHAT THEY PRESENT figurate from what you really RECEIVE ONCE YOU DEPOSIT , ANY BOOKMAKER has diverse negative aspects , bugs and platform functionality, visual design aspect for human eye comfort that need optimization ... More content will be added soon . STAY CONNECTED 18 09 2016 Review > For Betfair.com Sportsbook Very IMPORTANT To KNOW that on this bookmaker you will not have all the matches at your disposal ,very good important matches from the daily offer are excluded from the books this is way they are falling on our chart but as an compensation it is one of the Best bookmaker platform for FOOTBALLTRADING at Betfair-Exchange. Bonus is ok VALUE as they say 22 09 2017 Review > For Netbet.com We can say that on this bookmaker one will have 97% of all football matches in the world very good aspect, some dysfunction in their system probable they are not even aware of it , in the menu you have to click 3 times on football button to have all the leagues list the page reloads 3 times ...? , the problems come after you stay to much on their platform from desktop device as they transfer the host in a mode on your device then once you enter on LIVE BETTING it get`s worst , specially on Saturday's we were not allowed to bet many times i in the period of the day when we had our best matches, after we experienced this we realized that their servers tend to fail to sustain the Saturday more intense activity , maybe on the mobile app they perform better . The Bonus is atractive but is ,, a fragmentation ,, bonus you will never see it as they promote it , they will divide it in many steps installments with preassure so you will be forced to bet when is not needed and lose it . 22 09 2017 Review > For Betano.com One interesting new bookmaker in the field maybe with potential to cover all the services . Analysis this days 23 09 2017 Review > Update For BWIN.com The huge TOP bookmaker the classic giant in this world specially in the Eurozone with one of the most complete books and efficient menu functionality ...Analysis update this days in progress 23 09 2017 Review > Update For Bet365.com Analysis this days in proggress... 23 09 2017 Review > UPdate For Unibet.com Analysis this days in proggress... 23 09 2017 Review > Update For Williamhill Analysis this days in proggress...